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Our advisors will help you find a seniors’ residence.
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At Logis Sélection, our job is to help you find the seniors’ home that best suits your needs. Our advisors frequently visit and evaluate residences in your area and therefore know them in depth.


Our accompaniment service is completely free and will always remain so.

" The first residence we visited met all our criteria! Thank you! "

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A senior's residence is more than a house, it is a home. Together, let's find the perfect place for you.

The seniors’ residence is a friendly and safe place that suits you and satisfies all your needs.

Choosing a home is an important and emotional decision that often raises many concerns. Whether you are searching for a place for you or a loved one, our advisors will assist you in the process. They will look objectively at the situation and act in your best interests.

Avoid lengthy research and focus on what matters most. Trust Logis Sélection and contact one of our advisors today.

Our support is based on trust and simplicity. Here’s how we proceed:


1. Knowing and understanding your needs

An in-person meeting is held to get to know you better, to understand your needs, and to answer your questions. We then evaluate the available options according to your budget and interests.

2. Finding the ideal residence

Your advisor takes care of researching residences that meet all your criteria. We outline the best options and work with you to identify which residences to visit.

3. Scheduling visits

We take care of the planning and are by your side to visit each establishment, which allows you to benefit from our extensive knowledge of seniors’ residences. It is the perfect opportunity to share your thoughts on the residence and staff.

4. Assisting you with the lease

We come along with you when signing the lease to ensure that all the important elements are present in the document, to answer your questions as needed, and to protect your best interests.

The search process for a seniors’ residence is lengthy and requires a professional assessment of the situation. Many factors need to be considered, which can be time-consuming and raise concerns. Our advisors know what to look for and make sure to take into account all the important elements.


  •  The neighbourhood and proximity to family and various services 

  • The resident’s physical and psychological needs and the type of care offered in the residence

  • The type of residence (autonomous, semi-autonomous)

  • The quality and diversity of services offered in the establishment

  • The conditions of the lease

  • The move-in of the apartments

  • The capacity to welcome you according to the evolution of your condition  

There are dozens of essential criteria to consider before signing a residence lease.


Our advisors are specialists who have thorough knowledge of the residences in your area. They identify the ones that perfectly match your needs and then accompany you in the visits.


How can we help you?

We are independent


We do all the legwork 


We look at all possible options


We assist you from A to Z 


Our advisors work independently for you and not for the residences. Our job is to make sure we find the best fit for you.

Save yourself the effort of a lengthy search and random visits of many residences. We are your allies in this process: we screen residences according to your needs, schedule appointments, and facilitate the visits.

Our advisors know all about the strengths and weaknesses of the residences. Benefit from our expertise and save time by visiting only those that satisfy your needs.

We take care of everything. From the initial meeting, to the visits, until the signing of the lease. Our advisors are by your side every step of the way.

Our support is FREE


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